At Lens N Specs, we have been helping residents of Schaumburg, IL select the perfect pair of eyeglasses for many years. Our optometrist, Dr. Harry, offers the latest trends in eyewear, providing glasses and frames to fit your unique style. Prescription eyewear is vital to correct your vision and protect your eyes whether you need glasses for driving, sports, reading, or any other activity. Sharper, clearer vision can determine reaction time and comprehension and even prevent injuries.



From infants to the elderly, glasses correct and strengthen vision with precision. Lenses can be easily updated to meet shifting needs and goals. Glasses also protect the eyes from sand, dust, pollen, grass, and insects. Having the perfect prescription and eyewear will significantly improve the quality of your life.


Sunglasses are essential eyewear that everyone should consider. Whether you have a sensitivity to sunlight or want to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, we have the perfect innovative sunglasses technology to suit your style and eye care needs. While your eyewear prescriptions, lens, and sunglasses are critical to maintaining strong eyesight and overall eye health, the style of the eyewear frames is also important because you need to feel good wearing them. At Lens N Specs, we help you choose the right frames to keep you looking great.

Choose the Right Frames

Our eye doctor, Dr. Harry, carefully measures your features to ensure a proper fit and assists you in selecting the frames that make the fashion statement that is uniquely you. Here are the basic face shapes and the frames that suit them.

Square Face

A square face with a strong jawline, broad forehead, wide chin, and wide cheekbones means the length and width of your face are close to equal in measurement. For this structure, you may want to choose frames that will make your face appear longer and soften its angles.

Oval Face

An oval face has a forehead that is wider than the chin, and the cheekbones are high. For this shape, you will most likely want to choose diamond or rectangular frames to follow the brow line.

Oblong Face

Like an oval-shaped face, an oblong structure is somewhat longer than it is wide. You may want to choose frames that shorten the appearance of the face and have depth and strong, vertical lines.

Round Face

A round face measures the same length as the width with rounded edges all around. The best frame choice for this face shape may be one that lengthens the appearance of the face without any curves or round features.

Heart-shaped or Base-up Triangle Face

This face shape has the appearance of a heart with a pointed end at the chin. With a broad forehead and high cheekbones, you will want to counterbalance the chin’s narrowness by selecting wider frames along the bottom.

Base-down Triangle Face

This triangle face shape has a narrow forehead and broad chin. To offset these characteristics, you may want to choose frames that are wider and have deep-colored accents along the top to emphasize the narrower forehead and bring it into balance.

Diamond-shaped Face

A diamond-shaped face features a high, dramatic cheekbone with a narrower eye line and jawline. Frames with an oval structure highlight the eyes and cheekbones.

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