Dry Eyes

If you have a lot of eye irritation and your eyes lack moisture, you may be suffering from dry eye. If you have any of the symptoms of dry eyes, it may be time to see an eye doctor for an eye exam. At Lens N Specs, we have been providing residents of Schaumburg, IL with dry eye treatment for many years. Our optometrist, Dr. Harry, will assess your condition to determine the correct treatment option for you.

Dry Eyes

Causes of Dry Eye

There are many potential causes of dry eye. Sometimes, hormonal changes such as those experienced during pregnancy or menopause can lead to dry eye. Several medications can cause dry eye, including many antidepressants. Dry eyes can also be caused by dry air. Both air-conditioning and indoor heating can dry out the air in your environment, leading to dry eye. The winter itself can cause dry eyes because the air doesn't hold as much moisture, causing the tear film over the eyes to evaporate rapidly. If you ride a bike or otherwise spend a lot of time outdoors, you are more likely to experience this condition.

Symptoms of Dry Eye

Eye irritation is a major symptom that results from the eyes not being lubricated enough for comfort. This can also cause the eyes to hurt, burn, or sting. Your eyes may be sore and feel tired. You may feel as if there's something in your eyes. To try to compensate for not enough tear film over the eyes, your eyes may water or produce stringy mucus. Red eyes and blurry vision can also occur due to dry eye. 

Dry Eye Treatment

There are several ways to treat dry eyes, and our optometrist can recommend the best ones for you. Consider using a humidifier to put more moisture into the air in your home. This can help your tear film to stay on your eyes longer rather than rapidly evaporating. You can also close your eyes and place a wet towel over your eyes to relieve mild cases of dry eye. Dr. Harry often recommends prescription eyedrops for severe cases of dry eye. Our optometrist will assess your condition to determine the correct treatment options for you.

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